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The OneTouch Verio IQ and OneTouch

Verio Pro from Lifescan have previously

been on the market, and were designed

for patients who want to be more

proactive and autonomous with their

diabetes management. The OneTouch

Verio is a new device in the range

designed especially for patients who feel

overwhelmed by too much information

or don't want to put any extra work into

testing. There is no need to scroll or

push buttons, and 94% of patients in a

study who used the meter for a week

said results were simple to understand.

The meter features a colour-coded

range indicator which provides simple

instructions, motivational messages and

progress updates. In the UK and Ireland,

the meter is available free to insulin users

from the OneTouch Customer Care team

on 0800 279 4142 (UK) | 1800 535 676

(IRE). You can also talk to your diabetes

clinic, your DSN or GP for more details.

OneTouch Verio test strips are available

on prescription.


Further to our food feature in our May

issue, where we reported on including

red meat in the diet, mainly in order

to address Vitamin D deficiency in the

UK, the Meat Advisory Panel has made

comments regarding recent research

around saturated fatty acids and diabetes

in response to a study published in the

Lancet and Diabetes & Endocrinology

Journal[1]. This reported that some

saturated fatty acids could protect against

diabetes, but that saturated fatty acids

found in red meat could have a negative

association. Dr Emma Derbyshire from the

Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) comments:

"This research concluded that certain

types of saturated fat could protect

against diabetes, namely depending on

whether the number of carbon atoms

contained within the saturated fatty acid

molecule were odd or even. Claims that

the kind of saturated fatty acids found

in red meat could contribute to diabetes

risk are unjustified. Red meat is a source

of high quality protein and essential

nutrients that can help to improve overall

diet quality. Lean red meat, on average,

contains more unsaturated then saturated

fat and when eaten as part of a healthy

diet, is unlikely to affect blood saturated

fatty acid levels. Furthermore, looking at

levels of fatty acids in the blood is also

very different to looking at levels from

foods. While associations could possibly

be made between one dominant fatty

acid present in the bloodstream and a

disease outcome, it is difficult to relate

this back to specific foods in the diet.

On a final note, more work is needed

to identify underpinning mechanisms in

terms of 'how' the number of fatty acids

molecules may lead to these predicted

effects. Until this has been deciphered

the recommendation to revise dietary

guidelines comes a bit too early."



From Diabetes UK there is news

about how community pharmacies

are central to fighting the rise of

diabetes in UK.

Likewise Diabetes UK is spreading

the news about how Tesco is aiming

to raise £18m for the charity, as you

can see in this YouTube video.

In another news item, it seems that

diabetics who are parents live longer,

according to a Finnish study.


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