Making Carbs Count cherries

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With their glossy ruby red skins, plump ripe

cherries are one of summer's treats. Turns

out that while being quite a carby fruit,

they are a powerhouse of vitamins with an

unexpected sideline in pain relief.


herries are related to

plums and have been

eaten since the Stone

Age, as cherry stones

(pits) have been found

in Stone Age caves in Europe and the

Roman army marched on a stomach

likely to have been at least partly filled by

with cherries. Like many fruits, they are a

rich source of complex sugars and can

be dried for easy transport, though they

already come in the neatest little bitesized packages. There

is no need for

preparation, just pop them in.

Usually dark shades of red, or

sometimes yellow, they come in either

sweet or sour varieties. The main sour

variety is Montmorency, which are often

canned or frozen and used for pie fillings

or sauces. The sweet ones have great

names, like Bing, Lambert, Rainer and

Royal Ann.

They have high antioxidant properties

and are high in phytosterols - plant sterols

which can be used to lower bad LDL

cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk

of heart disease.

They can also be used to calm the

stomach in cases of nausea, vomiting and

can treat bronchitis, asthma and diarrhea.

Natasha Turner, MD, writing an article for

the Huffington Post revealed six hidden

health benefits which included the fact

that whole, sour cherries can reduce the

chances of developing gout and reducing

the severity of gout attacks (in doses of

10-12 cherries up to three times a day) may

also aid in relieving arthritic pain and even

migraines. She also wrote that drinking half

a cup of cherry juice half an hour before bed

can help you sleep, and that sour cherries

may also combat belly fat.

Cherry picking

Take that phrase as literally as you can,

by choosing each individual fruit, if you

can. They should be large, glossy, plump,

hard and dark-coloured for their variety.

Choose ones with their stems on. Buy

them with their stems on then keep

them cool and moist. If left in a bowl in

a warm environment they will quickly set

the others off. Overleaf there is a recipe,

but most cherry recipes are puddings or

chutneys, and hence both high in either

fat, sugar or both and not really what

you'd recommend for a diabetic diet, so

bear that in mind!


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