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Orgenesis Inc., a leader in the emerging

fields of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine

has signed a

strategic agreement with MaSTherCell

SA of Gosselies, Belgium. The agreement

should enable Orgenesis to advance its

manufacturing process from lab scale to

clinical scale as it prepares for Phase I and

Phase II clinical trials of its new therapy to

treat Type 1 diabetes.

Orgenesis is a pioneer in the field of

cellular trans-differentiation which could

transform a Type 1 diabetic patient's own

liver cells into new insulin-producing cells.

Cellular trans-differentiation involves a

complex biologic process, and requires

sophisticated manufacturing technology

and capabilities. Services will commence

upon approval of The Directorate General

operational for Economy, Employment

and Research (DGO6) of Belgium, which

will be providing grants to fund the

research and manufacturing activities.

Orgenesis believes that converting

the diabetic patient's own tissue into

insulin-producing cells has the potential to

overcome the significant issues of donor

shortage, cost and exposure to chronic

immunosuppressive therapy associated

with islet cell transplantation.

Novartis has licensed Google's new

'smart lens' technology in a deal that will

see its eye health unit Alcon work with

the technology company develop new

types of contact lenses. The technology

combines non-invasive sensors,

microchips and other miniaturised

electronics which are so small they

resemble bits of glitter embedded within

contact lenses (as reported by PMLive).

Google revealed earlier this year it

was testing smart contact lenses that

can measure a diabetic's glucose levels

via their tears and connect wirelessly with

a mobile device to store this information.


Applying the minimally invasive technology

within the diabetes arena to reduce the

burden of regular blood glucose tests

is one of the key areas of interest for

Novartis in its new deal with Google.

The Medicines and Healthcare products

Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has recently

issued some diabetes equipment

related warnings. It is asking people with

diabetes who use Accu-Chek Mobile

blood glucose meters to ensure they

follow the important testing instructions.

This is because the meter may give false

high blood glucose readings if testing

instructions are not followed accordingly.

If not followed correctly an incorrect

reading may be given even though the

meter is working properly.


The innovative 'all-in-one' Mobile

meter requires users to follow slightly

different testing instructions compared

to other diabetes meters. In particular,

the sensitive testing strip only needs a

small amount of blood to take a reading.

Holding your finger on the strip for too

long, or with too much blood may cause

a misreading.

Accu-Chek has issued enhanced

training and handling instructions which

you can see here or contact the customer

care line on 0800-701-000.

In addition, a field safety notice

has been issued about the Cellnovo

insulin infusion system's 5mm and 8mm

stainless steel infusion sets (part numbers

5mm-INF5 and 8mm-INF8). Users are

being asked to immediately contact their

DSN or Cellnovo representative to get

replacement sets as there is a remote

chance that the needle could become

detached when changing a set.

For more information call Cellnovo's

customer care line on 0800-025-8009.


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