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Enliven Moroccan marinades and add

punch to pastes and barbeque glazes with

this harissa rub in a tub from Spicentice.

Fragrant and fiery, it is a traditional blend

of North African spices. Just rub the mix

of smoked paprika, cumin, caraway and

coriander into steak, fish or vegetables

before placing on the BBQ or stir olive oil

and vinegar into the spice blend to make

a traditional harissa paste and spoon over

chicken thighs, halloumi or spare ribs

before cooking. Suitable for vegetarians

with no artificial flavours and colours

added. A 50g resealable plastic tub costs

£2.95 and comes with a handy recipe




Hi-Lo combines high protein and lower carbs in a seeded wholemeal loaf priced

£1.69 for a 400g loaf from Sainsbury's. Hi-Lo is

a way to increase your protein intake and

contains 65% less carbs than a standard

white loaf. With wholemeal

flour and healthy seeds for

sustainable energy, it's also

high in fibre. Three slices

represent 50% of an adult's

daily protein requirement and the bread

contains no artificial preservatives.

Over 30 plum varieties will make up the

biggest plum harvest for many years and

is better celebrated at the Pershore Plum

Festival (running from 27th July through

to the end of August) in Worcestershire.

For the month Pershore turns purple as

a tribute to the plums named after the

historic market town. Plum products

abound among the town's retailers from

plum soaps, sweets, pizzas, sausages,

pies, cocktails, beer, jam, chutney, cakes,

Wellington boots, plum baked ham,

burgers and pate. An average plum is

50-70g and worth about 5g of carbs and

20 cals, negligible fat and they are low GI,

releasing any sugars slowly. So dig in!


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