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Recipe total is 52.3g carbs total. If 6

servings it's 8.7g carbs per person. This

is based on figs being medium sized,

50g each.

Carbohydrate information supplied by Cook

and Count Carbs from Health Apps.

Fig, mozzarella and basil salad, serves 6

Carb content


the juice of one lemon

several tbsp extra virgin olive oil

handful mint leaves

handful basil leaves

some wild rocket

9 figs halved

3x 125g balls mozzarella, torn

some balsamic vinegar or glaze to serve


Mix the lemon juice and olive oil to make

a dressing, season with salt and pepper.

Put the herbs, rocket and halved figs in a

bowl then toss with the dressing. Arrange

the cheese on a large serving plate.

Scatter the fig salad on top. Drizzle lightly

with balsamic glaze and serve.

How to pick a fig

Fresh figs should be purchased only a day

or two before you want to eat them. Look

for figs that have a rich, deep color and

are plump and tender (but not mushy),

with firm stems and free of bruises. They

should have a mildly sweet fragrance. If

they smell sour they may be spoiled. They

ripen from green to red to yellow to brown,

the change is due to the breakdown and

disappearance of chlorophyll, which had

made them green to begin with. Ripe figs

should be kept in the refrigerator where

they will stay fresh for about two days.

Slightly under-ripe figs can be kept on

a plate at room temperature away from

direct sunlight until they ripen.

Dried figs will stay fresh for several

months and can either be kept in a cool,

dark place or stored in the fridge. They

should be wrapped up or in their own

container as exposure to air may cause

them to become hard or dry. Dried figs can

simply be eaten by themselves without

any ado, used in recipes, or simmered for

several minutes in water to make them

plumper and juicier.

Figs vary in color, taste and texture

depending upon the variety, of which

there are more than 150. Some of the

most popular varieties are Black Mission

which have blackish-purple skin and pink

colored flesh; Kadota which has green

skin and purplish flesh; Calimyrna with

greenish-yellow skin and amber flesh;

Brown Turkey with purple skin and red

flesh, and Adriatic, the variety most often

used to make fig bars, which has a light

green skin and pink-tan flesh.

*Serraclara A, Hawkins F, Perez C, et al.

Hypoglycemic action of an oral fig-leaf decoction

in type-I diabetic patients. Diabetes Res Clin Pract

1998 Jan;39(1):19-22. 1998. PMID:13430.


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