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According to a new market research

report, the global continuous glucose

monitoring market is projected to reach

$568.5 million by 2020. The report,

from Allied Market Research says that

the major factors driving CGM market

growth are the convenience it offers over

conventional glucose monitoring devices

in providing earlier detection of hypo and

hyperglycemic events along with the

rise in the number of diabetes diagnosis

globally, and the growing awareness

among the diabetes population of CGM


The report categorizes the market by

devices, application, type of diabetes,

and patients' age. In the CGM application

market, home settings was largest

revenue-generating segment in 2012.

However, CGM application in hospitals

is expected to emerge as the highestgrowth

segment in the overall application

market during the forecast period. In

the overall market, glucose sensors are

projected to generate the largest revenue,

mainly due to improvements in sensor

technology over the next seven years.

Companies profiled in the report

include Medtronic Inc., Dexcom Inc.,

Novo Nordisk, Spring Health Solution Ltd,

Roche, Animas Corporation, Ypsomed

AG, and Insulet Corporation.

The Medtronic Enlite Sensor (pictured). See special offer in

advert on page 8.


As a statement about the general health

of the population, we're all getting fatter,

and one inevitable consequence is type

2 diabetes. A University of Glasgow

team has examined data from the Health

Survey of England and the Scottish

Health Survey comparing the periods of

1994-96 and 2008-10.

Between these two periods, the

prevalence of individuals with a BMI

greater than 30 (considered 'obese')

increased by 5-15% on average, reaching

a peak at age 60-70 with 35-38%

being obese in both sexes. This peak

prevalence happens five to 10 years later

than previously observed in 1994-96 for

men, and unchanged for women.

Between the two dates, mean BMI

at all ages and for both sexes in England

and Scotland increased significantly, as

did the prevalence of BMIs above 25

(overweight) and 30 (obese), and at a

younger age. The prevalence of a BMI

greater than 30 doubled in English young

men (to 10.7%) and tripled in Scottish

young men (to 12.1%). A similar picture

emerged in women, reaching 17.8% in

England and 20.1% in Scotland.

Professor Mike Lean who helped

oversee the study commented, "Within

the 14-year period of this study, we are

seeing more young people entering adult

life already obese, and more older people

have adverse body composition. The

continuing rise of waist circumference

in older age groups is evidence of

continued body fat accumulation and

redistribution into older age, which is a

major public health concern. The use of

BMI alone as a measure for adiposity in

this age group may be misleading and

using waist circumference might be

better for identifying adverse changes in

body composition."

The study, 'Changing distributions

of body-size and adiposity with age' is

published in the International Journal of




In December AstraZeneca announced

an agreement under which it will acquire

the entirety of Bristol-Myers Squibb's

interests in the companies' diabetes

alliance for an initial consideration of $2.7

billion on completion and up to $1.4

billion in regulatory, launch and salesrelated


AstraZeneca will own intellectual

property and global rights for the

development, manufacture and

commercialisation of the diabetes

business, which includes Onglyza

(saxagliptin), Kombiglyz XR (saxagliptin

and metformin HCl extended release),

Komboglyze (saxagliptin and metformin

HCl), dapagliflozin (marketed as Forxiga

outside the US), Byetta (exenatide),

Bydureon (exenatide extended-release

for injectable suspension), metreleptin

and Symlin (pramlintide acetate).


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