honey and diabetes


Manuka Active 16+ Honey on the Go Travel Packs give convenience

(but no mess) making it an option for a hypo treatment. Snap them

open and squeeze the honey into your mouth. Each box contains 24

single serving sized pouches of raw Manuka Active 16+ honey sourced

from pristine areas of New Zealand's South Island and each jar of honey

or pack of travel packs is traceable back to the master beekeeper. It

has a high pollen count, live enzymes and antioxidants, so it'll boost

more than your blood sugar level. There are 80g of carbohydrate per

100g of product, with 4g per serving.



If you don't want to ingest the honey,

other products use it to good effect, from

skin care to medical ointment for external

use only, such as Meloderm Ointment

- 40% UMF15+ Active Manuka Honey

which can be used for minor burns, cuts,

grazes, stings and skin infections.


Keeping it local

In recent years, due to worrying news

about Colony Collapse Disorder, with

entire populations of worker bees

simply disappearing, as well as ongoing

concerns about the environment as a

whole, has lead to an upsurge of interest

in bees and in beekeeping (apiculture).

Steve Benbow (@londonhoneyman), living

in a relatively modern apartment block

near London's Tower Bridge started up

continued over

LifeMel is an Israeli-farmed honey

food supplement which is undergoing

second stage clinical trial in Italy to

prove it aids recovery for cancer

patients (and a third stage clinical trial

is to be held in the UK if the second

stage trial is successful). Research

has showed that functional honey

can be a good supplement for those

wanting to increase their daily intake

of anti-oxidants. It can enhance

the immune system and alleviating

side effects of chemotherapy and/

or radiotherapy. LifeMel is made by

bees feeding on Echinacea, Nettle,

Marigold, Lemon Balm, Swiss Chard,

Siberian Ginseng, Bilberry, Dandelion,

Fig, Red Clover, White Mulberry,

Chicory and Blackcurrant flowers. www.nuvitalityproducts.com


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