honey and diabetes

It's a shame that the sweetness

of honey is likely to be a

problem for a diabetic, as

there are many claims as to it's

medicinal properties. Oddly, it's

even meant to be good spread on smaller

wounds and topical (i.e. place don the

skin) honey has been used successfully

in a comprehensive treatment of diabetic

ulcers. Who'd have thought?

Writing in The Guardian online in

December last year, Joanna Blythman

and Rosie Sykes commented: "Raw, cold

extracted honey hasn't been heat-treated

and "purified", so still contains its full

complement of enzymes and antioxidants,

and has antibacterial properties. Manuka

honey is most effective in killing antibioticresistant

infections, such as MRSA.

Manuka is the only honey so far that is

widely acknowledged to have proven

medicinal effects, but earlier this year

a study at the University of Glasgow's

School of Veterinary Medicine found that

heather honey also killed MRSA microbes

and three other strains of pathogenic

bacteria. Raw honey is increasingly used

to treat hard-to-heal wounds. Several

studies support the traditional use of

honey as a cough soother. But like all

sugars, honey should only be eaten in

small amounts, which isn't that hard,

because its natural intensity makes it

tough to overdo anyway."

continued over

Honey Nutrition Facts

Typical honey analysis:

Fructose: 38.2%

Glucose: 31.3%

Maltose: 7.1%

Sucrose: 1.3%

Water: 17.2%

The glycemic index of

honey can range from 31

to 78, depending on the

variety. In other words,

it's going to absorb

quickly and release up

all its (many) sugars into

your blood stream rather


Honey is literally a liquid sugar and it's sweeter than sugar. As part

of a normal diabetic diet, it should be used with due care. Make a

very little go a long way, or you will see detrimental affects on your

blood glucose levels. But it's the super-sugary side of honey that

makes it a rather good hypo treatment. Just a spoonful might sort

you out quite quickly if your sugar level is dropping.

Honey has been referred to in art and

literature pretty much since either of

those undertakings began, with cave wall

paintings showing honey gathering, and

both the Bible and the Qur'an mentioning

it (the Prophet Muhammad is quoted as

recommending honey for healing purposes).

You presumably know that it's made

by bees, and consists of fructose,

glucose, maltose, and sucrose. Taste and

types of honey are based on where they

come from and what flowers the bees are

likely to have been feasting on. Hence

the wide choices available, from acacia


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