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The 6th Edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas

generates estimates using new studies

that became available in the last year,

and updated population estimates. The

new estimates follow the same upward

trajectory evidenced by previous editions

of the Atlas, and add urgency to the need

for effective prevention, treatment, and an

end to silence and discrimination.

You can download the complete 6th

Edition of the Diabetes Atlas (English,

Spanish, French), single chapters and

regional factsheets by clicking here.



Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy life,

playing a key role in the normal functioning

of the brain and nervous system. It's

found in food sources such as meat, fish,

dairy products and eggs.

B12 deficiency(anaemia) can be

more common in older people not

eating enough of these major food

sources. Symptoms can include

persistent tiredness, breathlessness,

feeling faint, headaches, lack of appetite

and numbness in hands and feet. A

doctor can administer a blood test to

determine the B12 levels in your blood.

A modification of diet may be required

although Vitamin B12 is the one vitamin

that is better obtained from supplements

than from foods.

As reported in Diabetes Health, DV100, a

drug designed to halt the body's

autoimmune attack on pancreatic beta

cells that leads to type 1 disease, has

won orphan drug status from the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration.

Designation as an orphan drug gives

DV-100's manufacturer, New Jerseybased biotechnology company DiaVacs,

Inc., seven years of exclusive marketing

rights in the United States once DV-100

receives final FDA approval.

Currently, the drug has just entered

Phase 2 trials on human test subjects.

The drug is based on using modified

version of a type 1 patient's dendritic

cells* as a vaccine. The cells are injected

under the skin, absorbed into the body,

and then circulated to the pancreatic

lymph nodes where they combat the

body's mistaken autoimmune attack on

that organ's insulin-producing beta cells.



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