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New figures by Diabetes UK have shown

that 700 people a day are diagnosed with

diabetes in the UK. To help people get a

better understanding of their diabetes the

charity has launched a campaign and free

book, 100 things I wish I'd known about

diabetes, which is written by people living

with diabetes. The charity has enlisted

the support of people with experience of

diabetes, including TV actor Jonny Labey,

23, to share tips that will help others

manage their condition.

Labey, who has Type 1 diabetes,

says, "No-one should feel alone with

their diabetes. Managing diabetes can

be a challenge but it doesn't have to stop

anyone from achieving their goals. The

great thing about this book is it shows

how we can all support each other and

this is not something we have to face all

by ourselves."

From tips on finding out the local

word for carbohydrate when you go on

holiday, to knowing the best time of day to

buy shoes for the best fit, the book is an

indispensable guide to daily life for anyone

affected by diabetes.

Other celebrities who have contributed

tips include TV presenter Phillip Schofield,

whose mother and brother have Type 1

diabetes, England international rugby

player Chris Pennell who has Type 1

diabetes and Hairy Biker Si King, whose

wife and son have Type 1 diabetes

US-based singer, songwriter and actor

Nick Jonas has co-launched Beyond Type

1, an organization devoted to providing

education and awareness for Type 1

diabetes. The sites' goal is "to highlight

the brilliance of those fighting this disease

every day while always working toward

ensuring a cure is on its way."

Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1

diabetes in 2005, and now he's working

with Beyond Type 1 and hopes that using

social media, sharing stories and creating

lifestyle blogs on its website, Beyond Type

1 can create a supportive community for

people of all ages with Type 1 diabetes.


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