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Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this newsletter is to bring news and information to people living with diabetes. Please check all matters

concerning how you handle your health with your healthcare team. We welcome any feedback on the magazine or ideas for future articles.

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What's new from the Foraging

Fox. Do you have a clue about

Cluo? Find out what Two Chicks

have been up to, whipping up a

storm with eggs whites. P.6.

Sue Marshall


Implanted diabetes technology has

arrived. Our feature looks at the

various new bits of implantable kit

and how far along it is in terms of

development. See p.10. I

can't take credit for much, but I have long questioned

why there wasn't a way to implant something that

would read blood glucose levels all the time. OK, so I'm

not a scientist and I had no idea how it could be done, but it

just seemed a sensible way forward. Afterall, the main thing

we need to know to keep control of our condition is our

blood glucose level. So it's been interesting to see a lot of

news about progress in the implantables arena. In diabetes

it's not just about the I that is the self, but also insulin

injecting or infusing, and now it's turn for implanting. As

progress is made towards the Artificial Pancreas (more

of that in a later issue), you can see how one side of the

equation works in our feature on implants on p.10.

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But business as usual is best for

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A seasonal treat is in store, fresh

from Norwegian seas in the form

of skriel. Treasured as far bask as

Vikings, it's carb-free, so we love

it too! See p.18.



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