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I started dealing with enquiries by phone

and email and these have continued to

grow along with our website. I'm very

proud of our website! It's full of information

and gets lots of visitors. Most questions

are answered on the website, however

sometimes people want to talk about their

options on a one-to-one basis; it's a big

decision to make and people sometimes

like to talk through what they need, and

make sure the answers apply directly to


Not all plain sailing

Jordan herself has had some trials and

tribulations. She had lipohypertrophy

(the localized accumulation of fat tissue).

"My DSN suggested I go on a pump

and then I started on a huge journey of

discovery. I noticed a difference in control

straightaway but a year after getting my

first pump I started to have problems

with my infusion sites. I felt guilty, that

maybe I'd become complacent with my

control, but it turned out I had problems

with my subcutaneous tissue - it was not

absorbing the insulin from infusion sets.

"I read about the DiaPort device


The new NICE guidelines NG17 and NG18 are really

great news. They basically allow the NHS to provide

CGM, although the funders are under no obligation to

do so, unlike with insulin pumps.

in 2004 and when I made enquiries it

turned out there was only one clinic

in the country that did it at the time,

which was Bournemouth, so I had to be

referred there (I live in Essex). I'm now on

the second-generation DiaPort model,

actually my third DiaPort unit. I went on

this one in 2013, and all is well today, I'm

pleased to say."

The time is now

From all the enquiries INPUT receives,

along with being part of the diabetes

online community, Jordan can see that

there are a few things that people care

about right now. She says, "First, there's a

feeling that people believe there will never

be a cure because diabetes is too big an

industry now. But I go to conferences and

congresses and I can see the passion of

the researchers and developers -- many


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