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A unique British ingredient revived from

Victorian times, Fenland celery is dubbed

'winter asparagus' (in season now through

to December).

Atraditional Victorian

variety, recently revived,

Fenland celery has a

sweet-nutty flavour with

obligatory crispy crunch.

In 2013 Fenland celery became the first

English vegetable to be awarded PGI

(Protected Geographical Indication) status

by the European Protected Food Names

Scheme. It is grown using traditional

techniques, such as using a special

'earthing up' process to keep the celery

warm… and white.

A summer salad staple, celery is often

overlooked as the nights draw in and we

look for warming dishes but celery can be

used tin many tasty autumn and winter

recipes when added to hotpots, pasties

and sausage rolls. Pictured on the right

from the top are: sausage rolls with celery;

caramelized celery tart with a parmesan

and sage crust; garlic and thyme studded

baked Camembert. With almost no carbs

or cals, it's an easy add that does not

mean having to worry about having to to

take extra insulin doses.

Fenland celery's pale colour is down

to its cultivation method where sun is

prevented from touching the stems and

turning them green. It's also sometimes

called 'winter white celery'. The earthing

up process gives the celery its unique

'nutty-sweet' flavour. The growing method

also allows for more of the root, which has

great flavour, to be kept. It is traditionally

trimmed to a pencil point. Immersing

most of the celery in the rich Fenland soil

as it grows gives it a unique 'nutty-sweet'

flavour and a less stringy texture, while still

delivering a crisp crunch.

Just three sticks of celery equals one


of your recommended five-a-day fruit

and veg portions. The same three sticks

of celery have 6 calories, about 1g of

carbohydrate, almost no fat, and 1g of

fibre. It has a bit of calcium, selenium,

Vitamin B1 and folate (5-7% RDA of each)

and a fairly good dose of vitamin C (18%

of RDA -- recommended daily allowance).

A great choice for slimmers, celery has

a high water and fibre content and its

crunchy texture gives it a high 'satiety

value' (it makes you feel full).

Wild celery has been used by man

for almost 3,000 years but was originally

regarded as a medicine, not as food.

Traditionally it was used in Asian medicine

to treat high blood pressure as it contains

potassium which helps control blood

pressure. It also contains something

(3-n-butyl phthalide if you must know),

which helps to reduce blood pressure

by relaxing blood vessels and is one of

the components that gives celery its

characteristic smell and taste.

The dietary fibre in celery helps protect

against problems like constipation and

haemorrhoids. A study assessing the

role of diet in the development of colon

cancer found a strong protective effect

from celery. Recent research has also

indicated that compounds found in

celery may help combat Alzheimer's and

other degenerative mental illnesses. This

research is still in the early stages, but

a healthy balanced diet, rich in fruit and

vegetables, should help reduce the risk of



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