Medtronic i-Port Advance insulin injecting aid



The i-Port Advance is a small injection

port worn on the body that users inject

into instead of injecting directly into the

skin. It's aimed at people on insulin who

want to minimise the intrusion of injecting

on daily life. It can be worn for up to

three days (or 75 injections, whichever

comes first). The i-Port Advance reduces

the number of skin punctures from an

average of 4-6 per day to just one every

three days. There ought only to be 10

insertions as opposed to 120 injections

(based on typical 30-day period). The

device could help to minimise physical

and emotional injection barriers (such as

needlephobia) and is suitable for both

adults and children. Maximum needle

length 8mm and minimum needle length

5mm, it can be used with insulin pens.

Available though Medtronic Diabetes UK

(also see our Medtronic update on p. 12).


The new Vicks SweetDreams Cool

Mist Humidifier with Projector provides

temporary relief of cough and congestion

while creating an enchanting bedtime

environment. With Vicks' years of

experience in treating the symptoms

of cold and flu, the new humidifer helps

to bring soothing relief to a child's tickly

cough and congested nose and can

transform your child's room into a magical

bedtime environment with its image

projection system. You can manually

select one of three Dream Themes which

has images that automatically rotate to

soothe and calm little ones as they drift

off to sleep, as well as helping to create a

bedtime routine, all while simultaneously

creating a comfortable indoor humidity

level. Humidification can help to maintain

moisture levels between 40-60%,

reducing the survival of flu viruses on

surfaces and in the air. Humidity can

also ease the discomfort of a sick child

by soothing dry noses, throats, eyes and

skin. The projection feature can be used

independently of the humidifier. £69.99

from Argos or Amazon

Diabetic feet are different because of

the possibility that they have developed

diabetic neuropathy, which leads to less

effective sweat glands. It is know that

Neuropathic diabetics are eleven times

more at risk of ulceration if callused skin is

present on the foot. Ulcers are serious and

difficult to treat. Dermatonics heel balm

has been specifically designed to address

calloused skin with visible results in just 24

hours and ongoing treatment of a once-aday application. As many as 99% of those

on a trial found all dry skin was removed

after 8 days, while 9 out of 10 people love

the smell! The new NICE Guidance NG19

says that every diabetic with callused skin

on a foot is entitled to a free prescription

to treat the skin as callused skin is listed

by NG19 as a risk factor for ulceration, so

GPs can prescribe a cream indicated to

remove callus. In many cases this will only

happen if the patients are sufficiently 'in

the know' to ask for it. See more and sign

up for a free sample at



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