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The US Food and Drug

Administration (FDA) has approved

AstraZeneca's Xigduo XR, a oncedaily tablet that merges the recently

approved drug dapagliflozin with

metformin. Dapagliflozin, a product

of AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers

Squibb, was approved by the FDA in

January 2014. It works by blocking

the absorption of excess glucose

by the kidneys, so sugar is released

through urine. Metformin, believed to

be the most widely used medication

to treat diabetes, particularly Type

2 diabetes, works by suppressing

glucose production by the liver.

Xigudo XR is already approved to

treat T2 diabetes in Australia, and a

similar version just called Xigduo has

been available in Europe since earlier

this year (2014). Gaining access to

the US market will be a shot in the

arm for AstraZeneca.


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