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With thanks to Ian Hemphill, Kate Hemphill and the Spice & Herb

Bible, we have three recipes to download. Click on the recipe

names to download a PDF. The first, featured on the front cover,

is for Baharat beef with olives. Then, as seen on the opening

spread of this feature is a recipe for Indian Butter Chicken. In

addition there is the recipe for Vietnamese Pho soup.

Future perfect

Hemphill advocates the fact that people

can use spices as an alternative to salt

and sugar, and therefore be healthier.

He says, "Replacing excessive amounts

of salt, sugar and fats with spices is one

of the easiest ways to truly enjoy healthy

food. We often have customers come to

our store who have been told by doctors

and dieticians to use spices, not for the

spices medicinal properties, but to simply

make healthy food tasty, enjoyable and


Hemphill's tips for spice trends in

2015 are that there will be a focus on

fresh, healthy ingredients spiced with

combinations of herbs and spices used in

the Middle East and North Africa. He also

tips that authentic Mexican and South

American flavours (not supermarket TexMex offerings)

will be on the rise. "Cooks

can now make dishes like Mole Poblano

using Ancho, Pasilla, Mulato and Chipotle

chillies." When asked what he deems the

most underused spice/herb in the world,

he says it is Ajowan, a tiny seed used

in Indian cooking. "It contains a higher

percentage of Thymol than the herb

thyme," he says, "and gives both a herby

and spicy note to all carbohydrates and is

great with vegetables."

The Spice & Herb Bible, 3rd

edition, is available from

bookshops from £19.95.

Vietnamese Pho (soup)


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