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Despite on going campaigns about the dangers of overeating, Brits still eat too much

saturated fat which can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Rapeseed Oil has been shown to help reduce such symptoms when it is used as part of

a balanced diet.

Wharfe Valley Farms is run by the Kilby family, third generation farmers who added Oil

Seed Rape to the traditional crop rotation in the early 1980s. Rapeseed oil is a healthy

alternative to other cooking oils, boasting a range of excellent health benefits, including

higher Omega 3 and more Vitamin E than Olive Oil and is a versatile oil for all cooking needs.

Products can be used to dip, drizzle and dress, and are brilliant for bakes, roasts, stir fries

and marinades.



Launched earlier this month FoodSwitch

is the first ever smartphone app to

enable consumers to make healthier and

smarter food and drink choices. Putting

you in control when you're out shopping,

FoodSwitch can help you make more

informed decisions.

FoodSwitch allows you to scan

the barcode of over 80,000 packaged

food and drinks sold across major UK

supermarkets using their smartphone

camera in order to receive immediate,

easy to understand 'traffic light' nutritional

information along with suggested similar,

healthier products. Using the app you

can reduce high levels of fat, salt and

sugar in you (and your families') diet. The

app compares the overall nutritional value

of the product to existing Department of

Health criteria.

FoodSwitch was developed by leading

UK nutrition research experts Consensus

Action on Salt and Health (CASH), the

Medical Research Council Human Nutrition

Research, The British Heart Foundation

Health Promotion Research Group, and

the Nuffield Department of Population

Health and Nuffield Department of Primary

Care, University of Oxford, and led by The

George Institute for Global Health (TGI). It

can be argued that any manufacturers have

been hiding behind their labels for years.

FoodSwitch gives customers the perfect

opportunity to get to grips with what the

labels mean by colour coding each product

by the content of four important nutrients:

total fat, saturated fat (saturates), sugars

and salt.

For products that are not listed in the

database, shoppers are invited to 'crowd

source' the information by using the app

to take photos of missing products, they

be validated and added to the database.

Bruce Neal, inventor of FoodSwitch, says:

"The app is all about putting power back

into the hands of the community. At the

same time as recommending healthier

alternatives to shoppers, the photographs

of missing products sent in by users give

us a complete picture of what's in the food

supply. Such information can be used to

hold big businesses directly accountable

for what they are putting on the shelves."

Dr Peter Scarborough comments,

"With all the messages about health in

the public eye, it is hard for consumers

to know what is 'healthy'. The established

nutrition criteria used in the app shows

customers products that are healthier

overall, not just whether they are higher in

salt, fat or sugar."

Download for free from iTunes or

Google Play.




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