Making Carbs Count eggs


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D is of particular interest because of

concerns of about 20% of UK adults and

18% of older children have inadequate

levels of Vitamin D and because there

is emerging evidence that low Vitamin D

status may be linked to increased risk of

heart disease and some cancers as well

as poor bone health. Eggs can now be

labelled as a 'good', 'rich' or 'excellent'

natural source of Vitamin D. Choline is an

important component of cell membranes

and is involved in fat metabolism as well

as being needed for normal liver function.

It is now possible to analyse that Omega 3

fatty acid composition of eggs is sufficient

now to claim that eggs are a 'rich source'

of Omega 3.

Hen pecked

Some of the changes in egg composition,

such as the increase in Vitamin D on

both egg white and egg yolk, are due to

changes in hen feeding practices. There

has been a switch in feed to feed based

on wheat, soya bean meal, sunflower

meal and soya oil, leading to an alteration

in the fat composition of hens' feed. So

hens' diet is now richer in fat and energy.

Official new data shows that today's eggs

contain double the amount of selenium

found than when previous analysis was

carried out 30 years ago, back in the '80s.

For the first time, the levels of choline

and Omega 3 fatty acids in UK eggs have

been quantified, and eggs are now known

to be a significant source of both nutrients.

Today's eggs also contain around 20%

less fat, more than 20% less saturated fat

Egg Nutrition

The energy (calorie) value of

an average medium sized egg

(58g) = 66 calories. The total fat content of an average

medium sized egg = 4.6g. The

protein content of an average

medium sized egg = 6.4g (7.5g

for an average large egg). Nutrient data for eggs, September

2012, on behalf of the British

Egg Industry Council.

and around 13% fewer calories and more

than 10% less cholesterol than previous

surveys suggested.

All the compositional data provided by

the Department of Health is represented

on a per 100g basis.


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