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The FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System simplifies

blood testing while including features that can improve overall diabetes management,

such as blood glucose trend indicators and an insulin dosing guide. It uses Abbott's

TrueMeasure technology, designed to minimise errors from insufficient blood samples

and interfering substances, allowing easy sample application - you can apply your

blood sample from the top (drop it on) or from the side (also known as 'end fill').

The system takes 5 seconds per test and requires a small sample (0.6 µL minimum),

and supports alternate site testing. It starts automatically when the blood is detected

and allows the re-application of a blood sample (if the test does not start after the first

application of blood, a second sample can be applied to the same test strip within 5

seconds). Each FreeStyle Optium test strip is individually wrapped in easy to open foil,

to protect it against air, moisture and other contaminants. There is no requirement for

coding or calibration.

There is now a New Generation of Medtronic's Enlite sensor and now you can get

them as a single unit, instead of a pack of five. This generation now features increased

comfort with improved adhesive to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation. Also, the tubing

around the sensor electrode has been removed, reducing the implanted volume by 80%

(there's just less of it in your body) and reducing the possibilities of the sensor kinking

or bending. The sensor electrode design has been modified, the aim being a more

consistent performance throughout the life of the sensor and the connection between

the sensor and transmitter has been improved to help reduce the likelihood of data gaps.

The product codes to order the New Generation Enlite sensor remain exactly the

same as the existing Enlite sensors. Single unit sensors are being made available so that

more people have the chance to access to CGM and, with qualifying Medtronic pumps,

the Low Glucose Suspend feature. Single unit pack: MMT-7008B; 5 pack: MMT-7008A;

10 pack: BNENSENS10PK1001.


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