New insulin pump technology


the condition. It's another example of the

potential value that medical technology

can deliver, and while this technology

may not yet be available, I would urge

health commissioners to re-examine their

approach to existing technology in other


Dr Oliver added: "Our research is at a

very exciting stage for patients and health

care professionals. Using the patient

simulator we were able to regulate the

patient's blood glucose within target levels

93% of the time. Should these current

patient trials, which are the culmination

of years of work, prove successful then

the next step will be to develop this into a

larger scale study that will take this from

the clinic to the home."

One participant in the trial, 32 year

old Melissa Holloway from Pimlico, said

of her experience, "'My 25-hour BiAP trial

session was my first day off from having to

think about my blood glucose level every

waking hour since I was diagnosed 20

years ago. This research gives me hope

for the future for myself and others living

with type 1 diabetes."

The Medical Technology Group

(MTG) is a coalition of patient groups,

research charities and medical device

manufacturers working to make medical

technologies available to everyone

who needs them. Uptake of medical

technology in the UK is not as good as

it should be, given its great potential to

provide value for money to the NHS,

patients and taxpayers. The MTG believes

that patients and clinicians need better

information about medical technologies

so that they can make informed choices

about their medical care. Find out more


It is estimated that 5% of the UK

population has diabetes (Type 1 and Type

2), of which 10% have Type 1 (diabetes

mellitus). This is an autoimmune disease

in which the beta cells in your pancreas

(the cells responsible for sensing your blood glucose and releasing the

insulin) get destroyed. Traditional insulin

injections solve the problem in the short

term, but patients still end up having

large glycaemic variability, meaning their

blood sugar still fluctuates throughout

the day - a leading cause of secondary

complications like blindness, heart

disease and nerve damage. The bioinspired

artificial pancreas replicates the

work of the damaged cells taking the job

of controlling blood sugar away from the


The Diabetes Technology Research

Group is a multidisciplinary group

of biomedical engineers and clinical

researchers. Funding for the artificial

pancreas is being provided by The

Wellcome Trust. Funding for the novel

continuous glucose sensor is from the

National Institute for Health Research


INPUT helps get people on pumps.

See more HERE.

Lesley Jordan of INPUT (left) and dr.nick Oliver.


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