Making carbs count


Eggs and cholesterol

Previous advice to limit the number of

eggs you ate because they contained

certain dietary cholesterol, but it's now

understood that it is dietary fat, not dietary

cholesterol, that is the main dietary factor

in raising blood cholesterol. All major heart

and health advisory groups, including the

Department of Health and the British

Heart Foundation have lifted their previous

limit on egg consumption. According to

the British Heart Foundation, while too

many fried eggs and cheesy omelettes

may risk raising your cholesterol, it's the

added fat form the oil or the cheese that's

the problem, not the eggs. So poached,

boiled or scrambled eggs (without butter)

are all fine and should be eaten as part of

a balanced diet.

Marcus Bean's

Asparagus wrapped

in smoked salmon

with scrambled egg

Serves 2, takes 20 mins

10 stems of asparagus

4-6 slices of good quality smoked salmon

3 free range eggs

Salt & pepper

Cook the asparagus place in a steamer

or in a chargrill pan. Then wrap five stems

of asparagus with 2-3 slices of smoked

salmon, repeat with the other five stems.

Break three eggs into a small non-stick

pan, add a little salt and pepper then

whisk together with a fork until mixed.

Then cook on a medium to high heat,

continually stirring with a rubber spatula,

and scraping the edges down Once it's

about half way cooked remove from the

heat and continue stirring until egg is

cooked (his helps sure you don't overcook

the egg). As soon as the egg is cooked

remove from the pan immediately and

serve with the smoked salmon wrapped



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