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Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this newsletter is to bring news and information to people living with diabetes. Please check all matters

concerning how you handle your health with your healthcare team. We welcome any feedback on the magazine or ideas for future articles.

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These things are

red for a reason (OK, not all

chillis are red),

but they're virtually carb-free and

actually contain


On p.16.



Sue Marshall


We've a couple of neat ideas for

zizzing up your leftovers with tasty

sauces, as well as a fabulous new

flax milk full of Omegas 3 and 6.

Read about it on p.6.


Frightfully fresh stuff from the Fish

Society, plus sweet success with

Slim Fruits making an entrance

on the UK scene.

See more on p.4.

Are you a Medtronic*

insulin pump user?

A smarter tool to help you live your life


®NEXT LINK meter wirelessly sends blood glucose

results directly to your MiniMed device's Bolus Wizard™ calculator

to help save you time and effort

• Accurate readings can help you adjust your insulin bolus dose more conidently

• Multipulse accuracy technology from Bayer ensures accurate glucose measurements,

even when blood glucose levels are low. Accuracy is not affected by many common

interfering substances**

• No Coding™ technology removes the need to manually code the meter before

testing, eliminating errors due to miscoding

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CGM system, and the Guardian® REAL-Time CGM system. Only 1 CONTOUR

® NEXT LINK meter can be supplied to an individual for each Medtronic pump.

** Full details available in test strip pack insert.

Bayer (reg'd), the Bayer Cross (reg'd), Contour®, No Coding, and Second-Chance are trademarks of Bayer. CareLink and Paradigm are registered trademarks and Veo and Bolus Wizard are

trademarks of Medtronic MiniMed, Inc. © 2013 Bayer plc. All rights reserved. Diabetes Care, Bayer House, Strawberry Hill, Newbury, Berkshire. RG14 1JA 13 CNL-DES

For any queries please call our Bayer Diabetes Care Support team on 0845 600 6030 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm)

Hypos are a feature of living with diabetes.

They pretty much can't be avoided entirely, but

their frequency ought to be as few as possible.

Counting carbs, adjusting insulin doses and being wise

about exercise are part of day-to-day living and the

prevention of hypos. But if you're actually having one,

you also need to address it as soon as possible, and try

not to over-do it and get that post-hypo high! In our

feature we look at the array of hypo treatments that are

easy to carry around on a daily basis as well as look at

how new technology is trying to predict and avert them.

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But business as usual is best for

diabetics at Christmas





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