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A host of awards

Established in 2003, the South Devon

Chilli Farm grows over 10,000 chilli plants

each year and harvest tonnes of fresh

chillies. From these, the farm makes

a range of products. Tasted amongst

10,000 other products at the 2013 Great

Taste Awards, South Devon Chilli Farm's

chilli drinking chocolate wowed the judges

and was been awarded a highly sought

after star. Other recent award wins for

South Devon Chilli Farm included a Gold

which was awarded to its Honeycomb

Chilli Chocolate in the 2012 Taste of the

West awards. The same year it was one

of only four products to win a Gold in

the confectionary category. It was also

awarded a Silver for its Cold Pressed

Rapeseed Chilli Oil, Pepper Relish and

Smokey Chipotle Salsa and a Bronze for

its Serrano Chilli sauce.

Three hot prods

The ultimate store cupboard ingredient

for Christmas is the 'honey pot' shaped

Chilli Jam made from mixed blend of

chillies, caramelised sweet peppers and

red onions, lemon juice and sugar. It's

Chilli Drinking Chocolate is an Aztec style

hot chocolate giving twice the warmth of

a regular hot chocolate. It's Extreme Bhut

Jolokia sauce is perfect for serious chilli

heads, this Extreme sauce is made simply

from Bhut Jolokia chillies (similar to that

of Habanero chillies), red peppers, cider

vinegar, lemon juice and a little salt. A

bottle of this lasts a very long time!

The South Devon Chilli Farm is

dedicated to British-grown chilli

crops and not only sells the

chillis themselves as well as a

range of chilli-related products,

from Chilli Jam (middle right) to

Hot Chilli Chocolate (bottom

right). They also sell a choice

of chilli growing kits containing

everything you need to grow

a productive chilli plant on a

sunny windowsill (top right).


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